Monday, April 28, 2008

Poverty and Debt, don't they just love them

Democrats want us to be poor and in debt. Republicans don't much care one way or the other. Neither is on the side of the little guy. At least Republicans are not usually an active enemy, the way Democrats are.

Look at the facts. What does the government encourage, and what discourage. Debt is encouraged. What is most peoples' biggest tax deduction? The mortgage. We are encouraged to take on more and bigger debt.

What is discouraged? Savings and investments that pay returns. Do your taxes this year? Have any investments? Pay a big tax on any gains, don't you?

All this combined to make it a lot tougher for the average person to get ahead. Debt dragging our heels, taxes a head-wind.

I recently started working a wage-paying job, for the first time in many years. Just looking at my Social Security and Medicare payments makes me sick. If I had control of that money it would be invested, or used to buy insurance. What a joke that I have to pay all the leeches in Washington for the at best potential and minuscule benefits they promise to someday return to me.

Besides all this, Democrats insist that our kids be given the worst of possible educations, the public schools.

Democrats hate people and want the worst for them. Republicans just want to be left alone to enrich themselves. What other conclusion can there be?

Monday, April 14, 2008


Pity the poor Democrat voter. All their 'man-of-the-people' candidates are revealed as nothing but run of the mill pols.

Pity the poor Republican voter. Same-same.

Mr. Obama. What a work of art. He has even managed to make Hillery look like she has the common touch, and I would never have thought that possible.

Can anyone name a single accomplishment that Obama has done? With all his talent and brains? (Getting elected is an accomplishment of sorts, Chicago-style).


Dropped a heavy steel rack on my fingers last night. I got real lucky, just a bruise and some blood. Washed it, bandaged it and went back to work. Even with the hour or so off I spent getting it taken care of and the mandatory safety committee meeting I managed to move more product than all but 5 of my co-workers.

I got lucky. I could be missing a finger-tip right now.

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