Monday, March 30, 2009

Don't like Republicans so vote Democrat?

A funny thought occurred to me as I lay awake trying to sleep. A lot of people are very mad (justly so in my opinion) at the Republicans for the way they ruled over the last eight years.

So in consequence they are voting Democrat now.

But this just does not make any sense. We have Republicans acting like Democrats, and you hate them for it, so you vote Democrat?
How were Republicans like Democrats? Let us enumerate:

Reckless foreign wars? Republicans, yes. Democrats, yes. (You dems don't forget Somolia, Sudan, Yugoslavia, Haiti, Afghanistan, Iraq all attacked or invaded during President Clinton's terms.And of course the real big one, Vietnam, was a dem fiasco.

Sexual scandals? Repubs yes. Dems, yes. (Barney Frank's Home Porno Emporium and Brothel, anyone?)

Political corruption? Repubs, yes. Dems, ha ha ha ha ha. Far too many to number.

Huge spending? Repubs yes, in spades. Dems, let us whisper just one name, Obama.

Friday, March 20, 2009

My Book

My book is coming along nicely. Some 70,000 words and closing in on the finale. Another month? I had hoped to finish it by now, but events intervened. The end is near!

Special Olympics President

I have finally figured out how to peg President Obama. Callow.

The occasional rude remark, said in error, can be forgotten. But the current president just makes one after another.

Recall the finger-to-cheek given to Hillary and McCain? So subtle! Any thirteen-year-old knows that gesture, and any parent or teacher knows how to squelch that kind of contempt.

I guess that Obama was just badly brought up and never learned how to act like an adult.


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