Saturday, June 28, 2008

Heller. Hot time in Chicago

Mayor Daley is unhappy. Ooooh, so sad. I just can not wait to see the fireworks when the fallout from Heller hits Chicago. Will Chicago be forced to rejoin the United States of America? Seems to hard to believe after all the long years of communist rule there.

Heller is a tiny, baby step in the direction of recovering our lost rights. Someday..... someday Illinois will rejoin the US in the 21st Century.

Currently only Wisconsin and Illinois still have the antiquated illiberal laws against gun ownership and use. New York and California and a few others are close, with vastly restricted 'rights'. But in the main the US has made great advances toward more liberal gun laws.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Stimulus Check. Hurrah.

Got my $1200 today. Oh, glorious. Immediately wrote a $1600+ check to pay the first installment of my real estate taxes. So I am stimulating the local school teachers, certainly, but not much myself.

It really hurts when I look at the long list of 'services' and especially at the list of various pensions we all are paying for. Pensions are over 1/4 of the total tax bill.

Hmm, seems to me most small towns have volunteer-staffed libraries. And don't get me started on the Taj-Mahal new library they are building right now. Who knows how many new staff they will be demanding to run the place.

The government at all levels certainly seems to hate low-income people.

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