Friday, March 21, 2008

New Fruit

Whatever happened to tangerines? When I was a kid they were little things, all wrinkly with the skin loose, very easy to peel.

I bought some the other day and the skin was thin and pretty easy to peel, but nothing like they used to be.

And besides that, modern tangerines don't have much flavor. They still more or less taste the same, but the sharp tangerine flavor is very weak.

Fruit can change. Funny. Grapefruit are a lot sweeter than they used to be too. Used to be we put spoonfuls of sugar on them just to make them sweet enough to eat. Does anyone still do that?

One of the nice things about traveling to other countries is sampling the fruit. Most tropical countries have unique varieties of citrus we never get. Japan has dozens, maybe hundreds of different fruits that can't be called oranges, nor tangarines, nor grapefruits. Most of them are pretty good, and not as bland as American fruits.

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