Friday, May 16, 2008


I mowed one quarter of my lawn today. I usually do half at a time but am still tired from the overtime this week. I also walked the back lawn looking for thistles.

I found lots of violets blooming. There have been for two weeks now, but right now they are blooming in great bunches. So beautiful, tiny and perfect.

There seem to be three varieties, a very deep purple that blooms in full sun, and a light purple and a white that prefer shade.

I have seen vari-colored purple and white violets, but don't have any of those in my yard. I will have to see if I can find any at my Dad's place and transplant some. In the woods back of his place there are also very delicate yellow violets that I only find in deep shade. Be nice to get some of those too.

I foumd a pretty orange wildflower I don't know the name of. I put some seeds out last year, maybe it is a holdover.

Of course I also looked over on my neighbor's lawn. Nope, no flowers except a few puny dandelions that survived the last herbicide attack, just last week.

My strawberries look great this year too, lots of flowers and already some fruit setting. The raspberries also look great, but the lone blackberry vine barely survived the winter, just a few green leaves. I am thinking of digging up some wild blackberries and planting them. No worries about them surviving!

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