Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Tale Of Jon Handshaker Chapter Ten

The Tale Of Jon Handshaker Chapter Ten

Chapter Ten

The Barrel

As the sky brightened and the streets became more visible, Jon's fear grew. he was gasping with relief when he turned into the last narrow street before his destination. He broke into a jog and with a last sprint ducked into the tiny gap between two decrepit buildings. It was as black as full night here still, the buildings leaned in on each other, resting as it were, propping each other up at the eaves. Jon pushed his way deeper between them and settled back in to wait for Giant. The hard part was over, he thought.

He was wrong. The weeks of waiting in Lily’s room had made him terribly impatient to be moving. Every minute seemed to drag an hour and he found himself counting his breaths. Forcing himself to stop, he was counting his heartbeats a minute later. He could feel his heart beating strongly and the rush of blood in his ears rang in the early morning silence.

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