Monday, February 28, 2011

The Tale Of Jon Handshaker Chapter 37

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Click here to read from Chapter One.Here is the beginning of The Tale Of Jon Handshaker.

Chapter Thirty Six

Jorjah's Journey

A year in one place! Jorjah paused in her work as she considered the strangeness of it. Her clan had never spent more than six months in any one camp in her life. It just wasn’t done. It was nearly impossible anyway, as well as being impolite. Good relations with your nearest neighbors, hard enought to maintain at the best of times, would have been impossible if one clan tried to monopolize a prime spot for longer than that. Better to move on, leaving a garden half harvested than to greedily overuse the land. The flocks had to move, or strip the land of green. The land had to have half a year or more to recover before the next clan moved in.

The Tale Of Jon Handshaker Chapter 37

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