Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Tale Of Jon Handshaker Chapter 47

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Chapter Forty Seven

Alelu Plots

"Here Jorge, at least take this pillow. I have six and you none," Alelu said, exasperated at male obstinacy. "It's the lumpy one, if that makes you feel better. Don't make me order you to use it."

Jorge took the pillow and held it in his hands. He looked dubious. Alelu tapped her foot. He slipped it under his head and lay back on it, across her doorway. It almost looked like he was trying to keep his weight off of it. She tapped her foot harder, then reached down and, placing her palm firmly on his forehead, pushed him down. She graced him with a smile, turned and closed the door. He wouldn't move until Mat came to relieve him on watch.

The Tale Of Jon Handshaker Chapter 47

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