Friday, January 4, 2008

Race Realtions, Real World

My new job brings me into contact with a lot of people. I have been interested to observe how the different races are interacting. First, there are very very few Hispanics and only two Asians in the company. I don't know why that should be, I was expecting to find lots of Hispanics.

So the two groups are mainly Whites and Blacks, ranging in age from 18 to about 60, and the full educational scale.

In school Blacks and Whites tended to segregate themselves. Separate tables at lunch, separate frats and sororities. I hung out a bit with a few blacks because I was on the track team.

But in the real world I don't see much of that segregation. My 'team' sits together at lunch, All ages and both Blacks and Whites together. And the other tables are the same.On the job we do the same work, side by side.

Now, this is small town Mid-West. Are things different in the big cities? If you read the newspapers you would think so, from all the race-war articles about provocations like racial slurs and nooses and the like.

Most of these seem to involve schools, either staff or students. Professors mouthing racist slogans in class inciting kids to stupidity.

In the real world things are not really that bad.

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