Friday, November 16, 2007

A poke in the eye for Republicans too

So I complained about culturally chauvinistic Democrats yesterday, I suppose I had better take a poke at Republicans too.

Ever notice how Democrats seem to get politicians that do what they like, but Republicans never do? The average Republican out there is just an average guy or gal. But Republican pols might as well be Democrats for all they do what Republican voters want.

Did voters beg their leaders to spend money like water over the last 7 years? But Republican pols stepped up to the plate to give us exactly what we didn't ask for.

I had low hopes for GWB, and had them fulfilled in spades. He and the whole crew of Republican leaders got what they deserved this last election season. Looking at the current crop of presidential candidates just makes me sigh.

Fred Thompson talks a good talk. I suppose that is all we can expect from our Republican presidents. Talk. The others don't even bother defending the broad range of Republican ideals.

Guiliani is a liberal. Huckabee a populist. McCain a sellout.

The only thing any of them has going for him is the amazingly low caliber of the Democratic field this year.

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